Our mission is to equip parents with the tools necessary to empower children for college success



Our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, at the El Monte Promise Foundation office Room 7 in the Jeff Seymour Family Center. Parents support our mission and form a network of local leaders who advocate that EVERY student in our region can have the opportunity to attend higher education.

This committee runs on a rotating leadership model. Committee members volunteer for the facilitator role at the start of a meeting in order to forward objectives, facilitate conversation and participation, and build leadership skills for each PAC member.

Local Parents Creating Change

The Parent Advisory Committee uses the Promotora Model to increase college access for ALL students and encourage children's savings through the Scholars Savings Program.


Parent Advisory Committee goals include:

  • Increase parent-to-parent dialogues on higher education
  • Empower parents through knowledge of resources+navigating the American education system
  • Boost community awareness about local college resources
  • Share local opportunities with families
  • Plan community events
  • Encourage early literacy

Join the Movement

Our Parents believe in bringing information and resources directly to the community, popping up at local events and in public spaces to start dialogues with other parents on how to support family's college dreams. Past locations have included:

  • Sports matches
  • School events
  • Local laundromats
  • Concerts in the Park

Have a new location idea? Interested in more information on PAC?

call (626) 782-2753 or email