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High School Seniors who benefit from CalWORKs apply for the ESP program before April 30, 2017!


DEADLINE: April 30, 2017

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What is the ESP Program?

The ESP Program is an educational support payment that is offered to students who receive bbenefits through CalWORKs or Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) for families, upon completing their high schoole ducation. The purpose of the payment is to promote education, which leads to self-sufficiency.

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¿Qué es el programa de ESP?

El programa de ESP es una ayuda monetaria para la educación que se ofrece a los estudiantes que reciben beneficios de CalWORKs o Asistencia Monetaria para Refugiados (RCA) para las familias, al terminar su escuela preparatoria (high school). El propósito de la ayuda es promover la educación que conduce a la autosuficiencia.

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