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high school roadmap

Ninth Grade

Are you on track academically?

  • I am on track to complete the A-G requirements
  • I understand the minimum requirements to be eligible to apply to a CSU or UC
  • I know that a passing score on AP exams can earn college credit in general education or lower division major courses

Who can help me get ready?

  • I have begun exploring job interests using a career interest survey at my high school Career Center
  • I understand how to connect with school staff for support with academic and socio-emotional resources.

What can I do to be ready?

  • I utilize a planner to organize my day and track deadlines
  • I take on equal responsibility when working with a group
  • I remember to stay professional on social media and can set limits on my screen time

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Saving for College

  • I have a 529 account to help me save for college.
  • I understand basic finance (e.g. tax, income, good credit, insurance).
  • I understand the concept of borrowing money, such as student loans, and how to navigate a healthy. relationship with finance.
  • I know what scholarships I qualify for and the benefits of each.

Extra credit and boosting your application

  • I have joined a college access program at my school (Upward Bound, Cal-Soap, Talent Search, AVID).
  • I understand that dual enrollment classes can offer transfer credits for UC/CSU

For more information:

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