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roadmap to College

The El Monte Promise Foundation launched our Roadmap to College in April. For the last three years, EMPF has conducted extensive research and formed partnerships with educators, parents and content experts to create this series of documents.

This work is a part of our mission to support cradle-to-college pathways for the families in our communities. Our Roadmap to College is an equity-based document that provides a set of grade-by-grade milestones to support families in their college-going goals. Using data-driven indicators, the Roadmap targets key areas of needs for our students: including academic behaviors, social-emotional development, family and community engagement, college knowledge and financial literacy.

We call it a Roadmap to College, because research shows that from the earliest years, key experiences, behaviors and routines can have a positive impact on a child’s readiness for college and open the door to more opportunities in their future. Each year our students will receive the Roadmap Booklet for their grade level from their school.

The Roadmap will give students and families recommendations for the ways they can start on the path to college throughout their school career. It also serves as a convening document to provide community leaders with an opportunity to support students and families throughout the community.

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