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CalKIDS is a California state program that helps children save for college or career training after high school. Research shows that children with higher education savings accounts are more likely to go to college and graduate than children without any savings. 

Qualifying 1st -12th graders are granted an initial deposit of up to $1500 in a college savings account managed by the state.  Qualifying beneficiaries are automatically enrolled and families are not required to contribute. Families only need to register the account online to claim the funds. 

To check to if your child is eligible to participate, you will need to enter your child’s Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) at the online registration portal. Parents can get the SSID from their child’s school. 

To register your child’s account, click the link below 

If you would like to earn up to $500 in additional incentive funds and save even more for your child’s education, please click this link to learn more about the Scholars Savings Program. *The Scholars Savings Program is open to all families regardless of CalKIDS account status