is a non-profit organization that unites the community's efforts to create a seamless cradle-to-college pathway in the greater El Monte region. This locally-run effort unites parents, students, and community leaders from school districts, colleges, local governments, businesses, non-profits, and private foundations to actively coordinate systems and mobilize resources for the educational benefit of local students.

These efforts ensure that the community works together as a whole to increase the expectation that all students can attend and succeed in college.


  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:  Engage residents and develop partnerships to facilitate communication between parents, schools, and stakeholders.
  • CRADLE-TO-COLLEGE PATHWAY:  Ensure that students have the tools, support, and resources to pursue higher education.
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY AND EDUCATION:  Support our community and its students to improve understanding of the financial world.
  • SCHOLARS SAVINGS PROGRAM:  Support parents in financing their child’s pursuit of higher education.


The California Community Foundation establishes the El Monte Community Building Initiative to invest $10 million dollars over ten years to increase educational standards, resources, and opportunities in the El Monte region.


Leaders of the community, local school districts, City of El Monte, the El Monte Coalition of Latino Professionals, and Rio Hondo College requests a study to assess the needs of El Monte City School DistrictMountain View School District, and El Monte Union High School Districtwith support from the California Community Foundation.


The El Monte Union Pledge is established to provide El Monte Union High School District graduates with a clear path from high school to community college and a four-year university.


Local community leaders come together and informally create the El Monte Promise Foundation and publish "A Pledge and A Promise: Building a Seamless Pathway to College for El Monte Students and Families", outlining the community's needs.


The California Community Foundation awards El Monte Promise Foundation with a planning grant to look at specific needs in the community.

El Monte Promise Foundation Board of Directors adopts the foundation's vision and mission statements.


El Monte Promise Foundation Board of Directors adopts the foundation's five-year strategic plan.


Thanks to ongoing support from donors, funders, and sponsors, El Monte Promise Foundation officially launches the Scholars Savings Program to help children save for college.

The United States White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics formally recognizes El Monte Promise Foundation as a Bright Spot for the foundation's commitment to improving educational outcomes for students in the region.